The Creation

I’ve always been an awkward, nerdy, book loving loner. I have been since birth. I always thought it strange that throughout high school I would prefer my Friday night spent enraptured in a new book or snuggled on the couch watching Lord of the Rings (for the 100,000th time). That I would prefer my free time exploring comic book stores and finding out about new (and totally awesome!) characters. I always thought I was a bit alone, and while content being so, I kind of wished for some friends whose eyes wouldn’t glaze over as soon as I started to mention anything remotely nerdy.

And then I experienced my first Con. I was completely and utterly overwhelmed! There were THOUSANDS of people that were just as nerdy as I was all in the same place. People in costumes and geeking out over the same things that I’ve loved my entire life. I couldn’t believe that events like this had existed and I had never been. I was hooked. I started going to more conventions, and a lot more regularly. I even gathered up my courage and tried my hand at cosplaying. But, throughout the years I still felt a twinge of that familiar loneliness. Conventions were always the highlight of my year, but those are only a few times a year and, let’s face it, getting more and more expensive as nerd culture starts to become pop culture. Who was there to share in my excitement in all things nerd when it’s not time to suit up and get ready for a convention?

This is where my search for a community came in. There are so many great online forums and groups but I wanted face to face interaction. I tried meetups of all kinds. Trivia groups, group discussions, comic book nights, just about anything I could find. None were the right fit for me (not to mention overwhelmingly overflowing with testosterone). I wanted a place where we not only we could discuss the brutal gore of an old man Logan comic, but can also dissect the conventionality of a barely-there costume worn by many female characters.

That’s when it hit me – why not create my own? I am a normal twenty something woman with a deep love of brunch and comics. Why not combine the two and hope that there are other women out there in my area that hope for the same thing? So here we are. The creation of this page and, hopefully, the start of a really awesome group that women can come together and be Nerdy Brunch Babes.

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