Pride Month = LGBTQ+ Heroes!

As we all know June is Pride month! To honor this, I wanted to talk about some of the LGBTQ+ characters in comic books.

Let’s start with Iceman! He is an X-Man, and one of the most powerful at that. He is a familiar face to those of you who have seen the X-Men movies (he is the one that dated Rogue, and obviously enough, can turn into ice). In the recent edition of Uncanny X-Men, there is a sort of time displacement and teenaged versions of the X-Men end up in present day. During some interactions, Jean Grey inadvertently reads Bobby’s mind and finds out that he is, in fact gay. This revelation causes the teenage version of Bobby to confront his older self and come to the conclusion that he has been living in the closet because he was terrified of living as both a mutant, and a gay man. He does eventually come to terms with his sexuality and even says that he thinks Angel is hot (same here Bobby!).

Daken is also an LGTBQ character. Daken is actually Wolverine’s son. He was birthed under some pretty horrific circumstances – his mother was murdered to get back at Wolverine while still pregnant with Daken, he was able to survive because he inherited his father’s healing ability. Daken was taken in by Romulus and trained to hate his father and spends his life trying to exact his revenge. Daken has similar abilities to Wolverine, he can heal rapidly and has claws. However, Daken has an ability that his father does not: he can produce pheromones to bend people to his will and is shown using them to seduce both men and women.

Constantine is a personal favorite of mine. I enjoy this story line a bit better than some others just because Constantine’s sexuality is not ever defined. He is connected with Zatanna (another favorite of mine) but also mentions that he has been with men as well. Constantine’s sexuality is just a piece to a complex character and is treated as such.

I’m going to end this piece with one of the most well known, lovable comic book characters in main stream media right now: Deadpool. Deadpool has been confirmed as pansexual. A bit mentally unstable, Wade Wilson chooses to inject humor into every situation as a coping mechanism. And yes, most of them happen to be dick jokes. With Ryan Reynold’s recent portrayal, more audiences have been exposed to this dynamic character. Reynold’s even stated that he hoped that Deadpool would take on a male lover in future sequels.

A slogan that I believe whole-heartedly is “representation matters”. It is important for everyone to feel like they are important. That they aren’t alone. Although we still have a long way to go, it is encouraging to see that these comics are starting to take a step in the right direction.

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