Wonder Woman Day

Today, June 3rd, is officially known as Wonder Woman day! We all know about the heroine that has been in our minds and our hearts since 1942 but many of you do not know about her twin sister, Nubia.

Nubia debuted in an issue of Wonder Woman in 1973. Nubia was kidnapped at birth by Mars (the Olympian war god) who corrupted her, placed her under his spell and made her carry out evil. She was just as, maybe even more powerful than Wonder Woman. In one issue, she even managed to cut through Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth! As the most powerful warrior, Nubia was the leader of Slaughter Island. During a battle between Nubia and Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman noticed a ring that her twin was wearing that had Mars’ symbol on it. Wonder Woman managed to take off the ring and destroy it, therefore freeing Nubia from the spell she was under. After Mars was defeated, the sisters parted ways. After, Hippolyta (Wonder Woman’s mother) informed Diana of Nubia’s true identity.

I have always been fascinated with this character. Now that we have a live action Wonder Woman movie gracing the big screen, I would love to see Nubia brought to life. What are your thoughts on bringing Nubia into the DC cinematic universe?

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