This week I lost my dog, Snickers. Snickers was a part of my life for over 10 years and became very much my super-companion. In honor of her passing, I wanted to do a piece on all the different super hero companions featured in various comics!

The first, and probably most well known super companion is SuperMan’s dog, Krypto. He possesses all of the abilities of Superman as well as super-canine intelligence. Eventually Krypto became the companion to Superboy because Superman saw that he could not give him all the attention that he deserved. Fun fact: Krypto even had a solo cartoon series!

Another well known superhero companion is Redwing. Redwing is Falcon’s falcon. We saw in Captain America: Civil War, Redwing took on a very different form than his original bird character – he was a drone! In the comics, Redwing has a telepathic connection with Falcon that has come in handy throughout their time together.

Ace the Bathound might also be a familiar name. He’s Batman’s dog! Ace is technically apart of the Bat family, but has been absent for quite some time. The last time he appeared was in the No Man’s Land comics which circulated back in 1999!

Just like in life, pets are equally important in the comic world. They become members of the family, and their loss is felt wholeheartedly. Who is your favorite super companion? Do you have a super pet of your own? Let’s discuss.

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