A Tribute to Adam West

Nerds every where woke up on Saturday to some terrible news. Adam West, who portrayed one of the original TV adaptations of Batman, had passed away. In honor of him, I wanted to talk a bit about his TV show Batman and why it was so important.

Batman originally aired in 1966 on ABC. It is known for its more “upbeat” style and was largely aimed towards a teenage audience. It sent a message of morality – encouraging the teens to drink their milk, wear their seatbelt and to do their homework.

Adam West’s adaptation of Batman is completely different than the dark and brooding character that we have grown accustomed to in recent years. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it wasn’t true to Batman’s essence as a character. I believe that Adam West actually brought a sincerity to the character. Comic books are almost inherently silly, even in their more serious moments and Batman really was able to capture that. West’s charm and wit was a serious draw for audiences.

Without Adam West, the dark knight might not be the popular remake after remake sensation that it is today. We appreciate everything that he has done for the comic book genre and will miss him dearly.

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