Dark Tower Review/Response

I am a self admitted Idris Elba fan club card carrying member. He is incredibly gorgeous, talented and a kind individual. Which is why it kills me to say I wasn’t crazy about Dark Tower.

I knew I was going to watch the movie so earlier in the day I decided to start the first book in the Dark Tower series by Stephen King, The Gunslinger. I was completely entranced. It was dark and gritty, to be expected from a Stephen King novel, but had a story that took me by surprise.

I was busting at the seems by the time I pulled up to the theater. I was so excited to see how Idris would pull off this emotionally distant, bad ass character. How the director and writers would incorporate some of my favorite scenes from the book onto the big screen. Unfortunately, within 5 minutes of the movie starting I realized that that wasn’t going to happen. I didn’t like this brooding, angry Idris. The gunslinger was detached, a man with a purpose. He wouldn’t be wandering the mountains, he was always right behind the man in black ready to do what it takes. I also wasn’t crazy about the man in black character. He wasn’t evil enough for me, and way too serious. One of my favorite scenes from the novel was when the man in black came into the small desert town of Tulle. He decided to bring a man back from the dead in front of the town and laughed the entire time. The scene felt very joker-esque to me and I loved it for that. That was not the interpretation we got.

Don’t get me wrong though, the acting isn’t the issue here. Idris and Mathew did the best they could with the material provided. In all honesty, I believe that this book should have been an HBO series. There wouldn’t be any cap at how dark the creators could go while doing justice to the original story.

Overall, once I was able to distance myself from the source material the movie was cute. A very tame version of a story filled with violence and murder. Have you seen Dark Tower yet? Let me know what you think!

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