Black Panther: Soul of a Machine#1-4!

With all the hype surrounding the release of the Black Panther movie next month, I just can’t help but want to read every Black Panther comic ever made. Soul of a Machine was released in October of 2017 and takes place in Nagoya, Japan, where King T’Challa as well as a group of Wakandan graduates gather for an International Tech Symposium. The Wakandan graduates and the Takumi Masters are very excited to discuss the various uses of engineering and physics however the gathering is interrupted by the evil Machinesmith. Machinesmith’s goal is to use the technology at the symposium to infiltrate Wakanda and remake the world into his idea of perfection.

This was a fun, quick read. I loved the art in these issues and Black Panther’s suit looks incredible. There is a particular scene in the first issue where T’Challa changes into his Black Panther suit and it is just absolutely remarkable. 08

Each cover of these four issues highlights a different quality of Black Panther.

Another favorite panel of mine has to be when Black Panther is speaking to Machinesmith about the story of Bast. It is a beautiful story and it’s implications were clear.10

I am incredibly excited for Black Panther and reading the source material just helps to fuel that excitement. If you haven’t already, check out Black Panther: Soul of a Machine on Amazon, and the Black Panther movie, in theaters February 16th.

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