Insidious: The Last Key Review

The newest installment of the Insidious franchise finds Elise back in the home she grew up in to defeat a demon she released when she was a child. A young Elise living on the property of a prison with her family sees ghosts regularly. This fact enrages her father and causes him to beat and punish Elise. During one of these episodes, Elise’s father locks her in the basement. There, a demon pretending to be a child asks Elise to unlock a metaphysical door to let it out. When the demon is unleashed it kills her mother and torments the family, causing Elise to run away and never return home. Fast forward to the current day and Elise is called back to her childhood home to help the man that resides there at great cost to herself.

To be quite honest, this movie was such a disappointment. The story was all over the place with no resolutions in sight. I left the theater with a million questions. Why was the demon making men trap women in the basement? What was the significance of the key? Why was the mother able to defeat the demon so easily? What power does the whistle hold? Unfortunately, none of these questions are answered in this film. Of course it contains all the jump scares that you would expect of the Insidious films but that was it. If not for the acting abilities of this cast this movie would have been completely unwatchable. I can only hope that if this is the standard of any future Insidious movies that the production company chooses to focus their attentions elsewhere.

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