Sips N Screens: Space Jam!

I was one of millions of children that adored Space Jam. I’m not sure there is another movie on the planet that could truly invoke 90’s nostalgia more so than Space Jam. So naturally, when the Arizona Science Center announced that Space Jam was the movie choice for the month of March I was completely ecstatic. Although I did not win the Space Jam trivia that was held prior to the screening of the movie, which did wound my competitive ego just a tad, a great time was held by all. There were people of all ages gathered together for this screening, which was very different from last month.


For those of you that may have not seen Space Jam, it is the quintessential 90’s film starring both Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny. Michael Jordan has just recently announced his retirement from basketball and has begun a career as a professional baseball player for the Birmingham Bruins. However, in Looney land, a group of aliens has landed to steal the Looney Tunes and bring them to Moron Mountain – an intergalactic amusement park – to be the star attractions. Bugs Bunny convinces the aliens to give them a chance to defend themselves via a basketball game. The stakes: if the Looney Tunes lose, then they will return with the aliens to be slaves at the amusement park. With such high stakes, Bugs and the gang must convince the greatest player – Michael Jordan – to join their team and save them from the aliens.

Space Jam is equally as enjoyable as an adult as it was when I was a kid. Lola Bunny’s line “don’t ever call me doll” has always been a personal line and it has continued to suit my personality through the ages. It was hilarious to see these world renowned NBA players act. They were all awful but it lends to the charm of the film.

Do yourself a favor and watch, or rewatch, Space Jam!


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