Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance Lifetime Special

Ever since the atrocity that was Aaliyah: Princess of R&B, the Wendy Williams approved biopic of, arguably, one of the greatest talents of our time, I’ve been weary of all Lifetime projects. That movie proved to me that Lifetime obviously did not want to invest the time or talent into their projects and I was not going to tolerate anymore heartbreak. Seeing advertisements for this Lifetime special sparked my interests, as Parisa Fitz-Henley had already stolen my heart playing the character of Fiji on the NBC show Midnight, Texas. Yet, I waited to watch until the Twitter consensus came out. People I look up to and respect said that it was worth my time so I decided to check it out.

I soon came to realize that this movie surpassed my expectations by far. The chemistry between Parisa and Murray Fraser, who plays Prince Harry, was phenomenal. I thoroughly enjoyed every second spent with them on screen together. In fact, the acting from the entirety of the cast was enjoyable. You felt the anxiety of Meghan’s mother when the paparazzi ambushed her at her at her home. The heartbreak was palpable when Meghan believed that she had to leave Harry to preserve her independence. I felt unbelievably sad when Harry finally broke down and cried about the death of his mother in Meghan’s arms.

The most successful aspect of this film was that it truly portrayed a down to earth love story between two people that just happen to be an actress and the Prince of England. A Royal Romance made this whirlwind affair, and the media circus it has created, into a tangible love story between two people that wanted to make it work despite the difficulties it would create in their lives. I especially enjoyed the personal touch of adding the real footage of the couples public appearance together before the ending credits.

Ultimately, I thought this film was incredibly charming and possibly a sign that there is still some hope for future projects over at Lifetime.

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