Deadpool 2 Review

I may have uttered the phrased ‘what the f***’ more over the course of this two hour film than any other I have ever watched. Filled to the brim with dark humor and Ryan Reynold’s signature charisma, as far as comedy sequels go Deadpool is better than most. Cable and Domino are both welcome additions to this story and served as great foils for Wade.

I was surprised to see the appearance of Firefist in the film but it was a welcomed one. For those unaware of the comics, Firefist unexpectedly manifested his powers at 16 and, like most of the X-Men, has a tragic past. He would eventually join the group X-Factor until his death. Like the film, Firefist – as would be evident by the name – possesses pyrokinetic  abilities and is extremely powerful. I really enjoyed Julian Dennison’s rendition of the character. While imprisoned with Wade, Firefist makes a comment about always wanting to be a superhero but came to the realization that it wasn’t possible due to his size. The idea of representation has been such a hot button issue as of late but people love, and should have the ability, to see themselves represented as whatever characters they like. The fact of the matter is, they are mutants and would come in every shape, size and color just like regular people. Possessing an, although different but no less tragic past, Firefist was a character you couldn’t help but to sympathize with. He was full of such anger and although it was detrimental to his future, you understood where it originated.

Domino, played by Zazie Beetz, was also portrayed differently than the comics. In the comics, Domino was the product of a government breeding program to create the perfect soldier (a common backstory in comics) and eventually became a mercenary. Domino would later on become aligned with Cable in the group Six Pack. The biggest difference between the comic and film rendition of this character is that Domino was canonically a white woman. As to be expected, some of the nerd community was not crazy about the change but I believe that Zazie Beetz was the best part of the film. Zazie is so effortlessly cool playing the part of Domino and I just couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I would love to see a Domino film in the future and I hope that the writers take the fans responses to heart.

The funniest, and simultaneously the most frustrating, aspect of the film was the formation of the X-Force. I was so excited to see Terry Crews as Bedlam, Bill Skarsgard as Zeitgeist and Lewis Tan as Shatterstar. And just as the team is assembled and it was time to kick some ass, they all were killed off one by one in a matter of seconds. I was in complete shock – no pun intended towards the death of the Vanisher (and the surprise Brad Pitt cameo!). While comically the scene delivered, I can’t help but to feel like it was a big waste of the characters and the talent they provide.

Overall, one can expect the same wise cracking Deadpool in this second installment. Ryan Reynold’s was truly born to play this role and it seems that he enjoys it immensely. Although a silly, bloody ride I am looking forward to more team oriented films with the focus shifting to newer characters.

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