Venom: Wild but Fun

I, like millions of other individuals around the world, am madly in love with Tom Hardy. From Bane to Mad Max, Tom Hardy has been behind some of my absolute favorite cult classic/comic book characters (not to mention the fact that he is gorgeous). So the moment I found out that he would be playing Eddie Brock, I was wildly excited to see the film despite some of the negative reviews it was receiving.

Venom very much reminded me of an early 90’s Batman movie. It was silly, a bit campy at times and full of action. Although I can’t help but notice the similarity that was pointed out to me between the plot of Venom and the plot of Halle Berry’s Catwoman. One person scorned by a large corporation, the same corporation that unintentionally gives them access to their powers. Ensues a fight scene between two enhanced people representing good and evil. I personally believe that Venom managed to execute it more successfully than Catwoman but the similarities do exist.

I also wasn’t crazy about the love story between Eddie Brock and Anne Weying. I adore Michelle Williams but there was no on screen chemistry between her and Tom Hardy which made most scenes they shared feel unnecessary. I will say there was some comedic value added from Venom giving relationship advice to Eddie.

Riz Ahmed made a wonderful bad guy. He has such a soothing voice, it was very easy to see how he could convince people to do whatever he wanted, even leading them straight to their death. Riot was such a great pairing for him. Both are thoughtful with the intentions of saving themselves.

Most epic of all, in my opinion, was the post credit scenes. The first, debuting Woody Harrelson as Carnage, had me incredibly excited as to the direction the Sony Marvel universe is moving in. The second, being a clip from the highly anticipated film Into the Spiderverse.

Although I wouldn’t say Venom is necessarily a must see, it’s a fun ride and definitely made for a big screen. I am looking forward to future installments of this story and others that branch out from it.

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